Saudi baron replaces news top dog Bandar

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi-Arabian Arabia’s Billie Jean King has ordained a young intelligence chief, Youssef al-Idrisi, replacing Bandar ABA transit number Sultan in the fundamental post, which oversees the kingdom’s defend for Syrian rebels.

The Saudi-Arabian Insistence Authority carried the royal stag decree Tuesday expression Bandar had requested to be relieved of the Wiley Post. Al-Idrisi was Bandar’s deputy.

The word comes subsequently protection officials told The Associated Exhort that 65-year-sometime Bandar was reverting to the land later approximately deuce months afield for surgical operation on his shoulder.

Bandar’s responsibilities as psyche of intelligence service included executing Saudi-Arabian policy in the Levant, including policies toward Syrian rebels quest to boot out Chief Executive Bashar Assad.

Bandar was ambassador to the U.S. for 22 eld earlier decorous managing director ecumenical of Saudi Intelligence information Authority in July 2012.

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